2018 July

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26 Jul: Why We Love Pima Cotton

Why We Love Pima Cotton We all know that one of the most exciting parts of being a new mom is picking out outfits for our little ones. All of those tiny footies, baby pajamas, onesies, and layette sets are irresistible for moms to be. With the excitement of running through the baby store and picking up the tiniest socks and hats you’ve ever seen, you may not be paying attention to the type of materials and fabrics that are going to make up your little one’s wardrobe. Since clothing is constantly in direct contact with your baby’s skin, it’s important to be aware of exactly what type of cotton it is made up of. When shopping for baby clothes, take time to read labels that say ‘organic cotton’ or ‘Pima cotton’. Pima is one of the finest and most exclusive types of cotton, mainly because its cultivated in Peru…

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12 Jul: 3 Fun things to do with your kids outside this summer:

One of the best feelings for the millennial mom is to see her kids run around in the backyard and discover the outdoors the way we did when we were little. With your little ones busy with school throughout the year, and with the boom in gadget play, we know outdoor activities don’t happen as often as we’d like. But summer time is the perfect opportunity to show your kids how important it is for them to explore their curiosity and expand their imagination outside of the house. So we’ve come up with 3 fun ways to keep your kids entertained outside this summer: Build a lemonade stand! All you need is a small backyard table, a barrel beverage cooler filled with freshly squeezed organic lemonade, and a cute sign with your little ones to wave around and attract customers. Take this as a chance to teach them about entrepreneurship,…