2019 May

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We love to come up with affordable/quick and easy DIY’s we can share with our following. This time around, we came up with a creative way the whole family can enjoy: make a box house with packaging from past orders, or your every day amazon boxes that can be recyclable. Decorate your box with whatever colors and shapes you’d like! All you need is: Cardboard Box Chalk, markers, or crayons Scissors Imagination This fun little, or big house, can be used to play with dolls, superheroes, lay time area, or a place where your kids’ imagination can run free! It can also make the perfect spot to read a book in comfy baby pajamas right before bedtime.     

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21 May: Why our best sellers sell the best

Our pjs and footies come in all prints and sizes, but our favorite ones are best sellers with good reason! All of our prints are creatively hand drawn and then digitized to give you unique patterns only Baby Noomie can provide. Here’s a list of our all time best sellers and why moms love them: UNICORN BABY CLOTHES– These mythical cuties symbolize magic, mysticism, and fantasy. Most importantly, they are instagramable. As we all know, the unicorn trend is driving tons of social buzz online, and moms are catching on. Our unicorn footie and unicorn pj are the perfect pieces for a future influencer in the making. BULLDOG BABY CLOTHES– Our much beloved furry friends are one of our biggest fan favorites. This print comes with adorable pink bow rocking doggy’s, as well as super cool black shades. CACTUS BABY CLOTHES– If your baby is part of the hipster lifestyles and in on…


16 May: This years Summer favorites

Summer is finally here and we have so many cute options for your little ones to rock during this hot season.  HERE ARE OUR SUMMER FAVORITES FOR 2019:  SEAHORSE ROMPERS: Our new super soft baby girl rompers come in two different prints with either pom poms or ruffle sleeve that add the perfect modern touch. Both of these options are perfect for playtime outside, or a quick power nap inside with its matching double layered blanket with pom pom lining. RAINBOW DRESS AND SHORTS SET: Switch up your baby girl’s look with our rainbow snails mini dress and onesie shorts set. The dress is a loose fit with little ruffles on the shoulders, making this cute fun flow look is perfect for summer activities. Our shorts set features a little rainbow on the tush for all modern moms that are obsessed with funky designs. MONSTERS TWO PIECE SET: This short sleeve onesie and…