“Imagination is the beginning of creation.”

Once upon a time, back in 2014, three incredibly curious and determined moms decided to come together for one big reason: to create modern and amazingly stylish baby clothes and accessories that were not only exceptionally soft and cozy, but that were also cool, chic, fashionable and fun. And that’s how an idea, plus a handful of imagination, became reality… and Noomie was born into this world.

Noomie is indeed created by modern moms for modern moms. But why? Simply because every piece is made to satisfy the comfort and happiness of all the babies, without sacrificing the look and the contemporary spirit that drives the current age we live in. And that was actually something that Alissa, Shirli and Andrea, the founders of Noomie, were struggling to find back when they became moms some years ago. 

“Quality is not an act; it is a habit.”

Let’s start from the beginning. Noomie is different from any other brand because they use Pima cotton to make trendy baby clothing. For those of you who have never heard of it, Pima is one of the finest and most exclusive types of cotton, mainly cultivated in Peru due to the ideal climate conditions found in that area of South America. It’s quality is outstanding, and so are the benefits of using it: durability, softness, breathability and comfort found in our garments are basically impossible to match if using a regular cotton like most kids clothing brands do. Pima cotton is truly special.

“People value design that values people.”

Ok. So you get the quality value of Noomie. But how about its design? At Noomie, we’ve always believed that our little ones deserve expressive, artistic and whimsical layette and accessories to accompany their adorable personalities and young age. That’s why we put so much passion, creativity and originality behind our prints and colors. Each design is carefully made thinking about how much cooler life would be if we step out of the mold and honor childhood through fun and meaningful self-expression. The colors we bring into play are more bold and vibrant, and our designs are inspired by elements of our everyday life and even by our own nurseries. These include quirky cute patterns, rocking phrases, freehand graphics and even charming animal characters meant to establish a consequential connection to the natural world. Some prints are even conceived to create awareness about going green and taking better care of our planet.

Throughout these years of experience in the baby clothing industry, we are proud to have transcended a concept to actually impact the homes of our beloved customers in such a positive way. All of us mothers understand how the happiness of our children always become our own happiness. By striving for garments that matter and that foster the greatest comfort and the trendiest design, we conquer the beauty of it all: Happy kids. Happy parents. Happy world. One garment at a time.

Noomie sizes range from newborn to 5 years, making it possible to even match wearable pieces between siblings. How fun!

Welcome to the softest - baby world -

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