Alissa, Shirli and Andrea are the perfect example of this trendy new term called “mom-preneurs”. As mothers driven by the dream of launching an incredibly hip clothing brand that they would actually love to pamper their babies with, they naturally became the women entrepreneurs they are today; challenged and motivated to balance themselves between the role of being amazing moms and also successful business women.

The fact that the three of them came from different Latin American backgrounds (Mexico, Venezuela and Peru) brought an expanded perspective into the clothing industry when they moved to the US. The American market didn’t have much of Pima cotton outfits out there, and the few they could find, didn’t show the edgy, vibrant and modern touch so much needed for their babies as the trendsetting and fashionable moms they were. So the inevitable happened: chasing after a horizon plenty of new opportunities and in a completely fresh environment, Noomie became alive… and so was a lifestyle.

They take care of everything on a personal level.

The founders of Noomie are proud to say that all their products have a personal touch in them. Made from moms to moms, Noomie is fully supervised and led by these three mothers, making of the brand something boutique, personal, handcrafted; from concept to idea, from design to final baby layette, from manufacturing to making it available to modern moms out there.

They love to listen. Always.

This is definitely a standout. The creators of Noomie always agreed that the feedback and experience of their customers is the most determining factor at the moment of producing a new collection (and not the other way around). Actually, before launching and finishing a product (either accessory or garment), samples are tested by real moms in order to take into consideration their opinions, and re-shape the collection to fit their needs. Which leads us to…

They are moms. So they think like moms.

The practicality of Noomie’s clothing and accessories is key to the happiness of our customers. Encouraged by their own maternal experiences, Alissa, Shirli and Andrea draw inspiration from their own necessities as mothers living in this fast-paced world. For example, innovative products like their signature “Nursing Cover” have become increasingly popular due to the ability of being a blanket, a nursing cover and a swaddle, all in one!

They empower other women because they have empowered themselves.

Noomie’s founders are clear on one thing: it is possible to be a mom and be entrepreneurial at the same time (and actually be happy in it). They have always believed in setting an example to their kids about the importance of hard work, of following your passion and believing in your own dreams. Their goal is to inspire other moms around the world to embrace this incredibly fulfilling way of life. It is possible.


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