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26 Aug: DIY Butterfly Activity

For this week’s DIY, we switched up all the snack making for some fun arts and crafts. Check out our sped-up video of how we made them and then follow the instructions below for your own creation.  You will need:  2 coffee filters Washable markers (Mr. Sketch or Crayola) Water An eye dropper or small measuring spoon 1 pipe cleaner (12″ long) Place two coffee filters on top of each other on a cookie sheet to keep the mess contained. Flatten out the coffee filters a little (enough that you can color on them).  Get creative with your designs on the coffee filters and color away.  Take an eyedropper or small measuring spoon and drip water onto the marker until the coffee filter is completely wet. Place your baking sheets outside in the sun to dry. Once they are dry, pull the two coffee filters apart & fold each one…


31 Jul: 5 occasions where Baby Noomie pajamas are a must

When a new sibling is born: Few things in life are as exciting as welcoming a new child into the family. Baby Noomie doesn’t just have the softest PJs ever, but we offer a size range for both older and younger siblings to match. It may seem like a small thing, but having pj’s that match creates an instant connection. Pajama day at school: Permission to wear your sleepwear outside of the house? Sign me up! Little ones pajama day at school, and what better way to be comfy all day than in 100% Pima Cotton?  Sleepover Party: Sleepovers aren’t sleepovers if not everyone is wearing their favorite jammies! Check out our PJ party blog where we show you how to plan the perfect PJ party. Christmas morning: Opening Santa’s gifts in the morning are always done in our PJ’s, so stay tuned for our super festive holiday print coming…

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23 Jul: 5 Ways to Be a Happier, More Engaged Parent

It’s easy to get swept up in the normal activities for parents, like keeping your children safe and working to earn money, but sometimes in the back of your mind, you may be worried that you’re not engaged enough for your child. If you’re a new parent or your children are older now, it’s quite normal to have these thoughts. Although some people may feel they know all the ins and outs of parenting, the truth is that every experience is different! There are plenty of ways to become more present as a genuine person in your child’s life and ways to be more engaged and happy with your parenting style. 1. Practice self-care  One of the most important ways to produce authentic happiness as an adult is to evaluate when you need some me-time. If you’re constantly running around, there is no way you’re going to be happy or…

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18 Jul: Hidden Veggie Mac & Cheese

Do your little ones hate veggies? We found a really easy way to turn your kid’s favorite food, Mac and Cheese, into a healthy alternative that is super easy to make.  Hide your veggies in this deliciously cheesy treat that is good enough for the whole family to enjoy. Ingredients: 3 carrots, peeled and sliced 1 small head of cauliflower, cut into pieces 1/2 cup milk 1 tsp salt 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese 8 oz cream cheese 4 TBS butter 16 oz of pasta Steps: Cook your veggies in a saucepan filled ¼ of the way for 5-7 minutes. Drain them and let them cool for a minute. Cook the pasta according to the package directions. Blend the veggies up with about 3/4 cup of water and puree until smooth.  Add the puree into a large saucepan. On medium-low heat, add in the milk, salt, cheddar, butter and cream…

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11 Jul: Gender Neutral Trendy Names 2019!

Top Gender Neutral Names 2019! Noomie loves the gender-neutral trend, that’s why we’re working on making more prints and PJs that both boys and girls can enjoy. We currently have our gender neutral cactus pajamas and panda pajamas, but stay tuned for some stylish and modern cookie and doggy prints for all genders coming this fall! In the spirit of this new gender-neutral wave, we thought of making a list of 25 cool names that work for both boys and girls. Noah Bailey Jaymie Alex Taylor Adriene Devon Frankie Riley Noel Ari Dylan Blake Spencer Dani Rory Elie Parker Jordan Reece Jude Ashton Remy Wyatt Avery Let us know if you loved any of these names or have already used them for your kids. If you have any design ideas for gender-neutral baby pajamas or any other fun print you think both boys and girls would enjoy, send them our…


03 Jul: Fun 4th Of July Snack!

DIY Fireworks Popcorn! Happy 4th Of July! This super easy and quick to make recipe is perfect to make during a national holiday when you get to stay in your Baby Noomie pajamas!   Here’s a way for you to take the sparks from your fireworks and put them into a yummy snack: You will need: 1 bag of microwavable popcorn 1 cup white candy melts 1 package of Strawberry flavored pop-rock candy Blue sprinkles   Steps: Microwave your popcorn Spread onto a cookie sheet and let them cool off Drizzle the white candy melts all throughout Sprinkle the pop rocks and sprinkles on quickly before the melts harden so everything fuses together Leave the sheet out to cool and harden Enjoy!    


03 Jul: 5 Self-Care Tips For New Parents

5 Self-Care Tips For New Parents This is a guest post from Zencare, a website that helps people find their ideal talk therapist.   Early parenthood is full of adventures – loving visitors stopping by to share your joy, lifelong memories formed in an instant, and learning experiences you’re excited to weather on the fly.    Yes, embracing a new life is enriching – and it’s also, from time to time, exhausting. The happiness our children bring us is infinite, but the responsibilities underlying their well-being can quickly surmount into overwhelm. Rather than letting the overwhelm topple over into stress and anxiety, take a step back to check in with yourself – your well-being is important!    Here are five ways you can sneak in some crucial self-care to help you maintain your mental and emotional well-being:  Take breaks when you can, where you can Need some replenishment? No need to go…

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25 Jun: Healthy Snail Fruit Snack DIY 

For this DIY, we took inspiration from our favorite Baby Noomie pajama from our spring collection! Our rainbow snails PJ and footie have been a hit since we brought them out, so we decided to dedicate a little activity to our most popular girl pajama of the season! This healthy snack is super easy to make and has only 5 ingredients.   Ingredients: Banana Blueberries Strawberries Kiwi Pineapple Instructions: Wash and slice all of the fruits you will be using for the shell of the snail. Start with your peeled banana as the base/body of your snail. Begin to build your rainbow from the bottom up. I started with blueberries and made my way up to strawberries. Use a blueberry as an eye, and some thinly sliced strawberries as antennas Watch your little ones enjoy! We love to prove that snack time can be healthy and fun, so tune in…


21 Jun: How to plan the perfect pajama party

Set a date, Guest list, and times: Our party started at 7pm and we had 7 girls total. It was the perfect amount to not be overwhelmed but had enough girls at the party.   Set a theme: I went with the Unicorn theme for my daughter and had all the girls wearing unicorn pajamas! I also love the idea of an animal themed party for boys with bulldog pajamas or panda pajamas. Themes aren’t totally necessary, but it makes it easier to plan activities and crafts. Invitations: I sent mine out through evites and made sure everyone RSVP’d so I had a proper head count and I didn’t have too much or too little of anything. Snacks: Pizza is the easiest way out. I turned dessert into an activity and had the girls make their own unicorn cupcakes with tons of edible glitter. Activities/Crafts: Apart from our dessert making,…


11 Jun: Healthy, Quick, And Easy Ice Cream Recipe!

Being a working mom, I don’t always have time to be with my kids as much as I would want. So I find it important to find moments to bond with my babies. I decided that every Monday I would come up with a simple recipe to make with them.They love cooking and so do I, so this was the perfect idea for a weekly activity! This week we made a super easy ice cream recipe that contains natural and healthy ingredients. Not only is it good for you, but it makes for a super fun and quick activity for you and your kids! All you need is: ½ cup of peanut butter ¼ cup of almond milk 4 frozen bananas Toppings: we did chocolate sprinkles but you can add whatever toppings you want! (Makes four servings) Combine all ingredients in a blender or food processor. Once it is well mixed…