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We love to come up with affordable/quick and easy DIY’s we can share with our following. This time around, we came up with a creative way the whole family can enjoy: make a box house with packaging from past orders, or your every day amazon boxes that can be recyclable. Decorate your box with whatever colors and shapes you’d like! All you need is: Cardboard Box Chalk, markers, or crayons Scissors Imagination This fun little, or big house, can be used to play with dolls, superheroes, lay time area, or a place where your kids’ imagination can run free! It can also make the perfect spot to read a book in comfy baby pajamas right before bedtime.     

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21 May: Why our best sellers sell the best

Our pjs and footies come in all prints and sizes, but our favorite ones are best sellers with good reason! All of our prints are creatively hand drawn and then digitized to give you unique patterns only Baby Noomie can provide. Here’s a list of our all time best sellers and why moms love them: UNICORN BABY CLOTHES- These mythical cuties symbolize magic, mysticism, and fantasy. Most importantly, they are instagramable. As we all know, the unicorn trend is driving tons of social buzz online, and moms are catching on. Our unicorn footie and unicorn pj are the perfect pieces for a future influencer in the making. BULLDOG BABY CLOTHES- Our much beloved furry friends are one of our biggest fan favorites. This print comes with adorable pink bow rocking doggy’s, as well as super cool black shades. CACTUS BABY CLOTHES- If your baby is part of the hipster lifestyles and in on…


16 May: This years Summer favorites

Summer is finally here and we have so many cute options for your little ones to rock during this hot season.  HERE ARE OUR SUMMER FAVORITES FOR 2019:  SEAHORSE ROMPERS: Our new super soft baby girl rompers come in two different prints with either pom poms or ruffle sleeve that add the perfect modern touch. Both of these options are perfect for playtime outside, or a quick power nap inside with its matching double layered blanket with pom pom lining. RAINBOW DRESS AND SHORTS SET : Switch up your baby girl’s look with our rainbow snails mini dress and onesie shorts set. The dress is loose fit with little ruffles on the shoulders, making this cute fun flow look is perfect for summer activities. Our shorts set features a little rainbow on the tush for all modern moms that are obsessed with funky designs. MONSTERS TWO PIECE SET : This short sleeve onesie…


18 Apr: Fun & Easy Easter Activity!

Calling all creative Mama’s! Easter is right around the corner and we wanted to share this fun little activity your kiddos can artistic with. Instead of using eggs this year, use small white balloons to imagine your own easter bunnies and baby chicks! Our twist on easter egg decorations involves: White balloons Colorful Pipe cleaners Black sharpie Liquid glue Colorful tissue paper Optional: glitter, rhinestones, pompoms, feathers Watch our Instagram video for inspiration, but feel free to get as imaginative and creative as you want! Happy Easter!  

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10 Apr: Happy National Siblings Day! A very special day here at Baby Noomie!

Aside from being the cutest way to prepare for bedtime, matching pajamas have real benefits for your children. Matching outfits is a fun way to nurture a bond between siblings. Mijal Eisen, LCSW, behavioral therapist and co-founder of the TimE Emotional Guidance Center says “Matching outfits for siblings is a fun and easy way to foster a sense of unity and belonging between individuals of a family unit. I believe Baby Noomie does an amazing job at portraying such traits through their unique designs that are not only age appropriate, gentle and modern but also their quality makes my son ask for their PJs every single night!” We have so many prints available to help you foster this special bond! Featured above is our Rainbow collection, perfect for any pair of adorable sisters. Below features the Hedgehog and Universe collections, in case you have a boy and girl. No matter…

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28 Feb: Take A Trip Through Fantasyland With Our Spring/Summer ‘19 Collection

We are so excited to introduce our NEW Spring/Summer Collection. Our newest and most whimsical collection yet features a world of wonderland, unicorn seahorses, rainbow snails, smiling sharks, not-so-scary monsters, and mysterious masquerade. As we were coming up with new designs, we were inspired by the fantasy fairytale that lays in our children’s imagination, as our little ones minds are the most creative after all. Now that we’ve fallen in love with Pima, we’re introducing these enchanting prints in more “day wear” pieces like our seahorse romper, monsters onesie set, and rainbow snails mini dress. As Baby Noomie strives to embody the modern baby look all stylish moms are obsessed with, we capture our latest collection of 7 luxuriously soft sets. New collection will be available Monday, February 25th.   

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07 Feb: Why Pima Cotton?

Dear new mom, heres why you should choose pima We know welcoming your new baby into the world means tremendous amounts of shopping. In the baby world, there are thousands of adorable products, toys, and clothes to choose from. When it comes to dressing our babies, I think all moms can agree that it is kind of like playing with dolls all over again. The difference is that now, we don’t only look for the cutest little dress, we also look for quality, composition, and durability. As moms of little ones ourselves, we believe these three factors are key when shopping for new baby clothes. That is why we use the highest quality cotton available: Pima. This fabric is the perfect ingredient that makes our modern world of baby layette so special. If you’re a mom that is looking for great quality, hypoallergenic, and trendy Pima baby clothing that is…


24 Dec: Sets Of The Season

So the holidays are finally here the time where the rest of your family can decorate the house with lights, sing christmas carols, bake gingerbread cookies, and relax next to the crackling fire. But for us moms, this season means hard work. We know brain storming for a whole month for the perfect gift ideas that your friends and family will actually like isn’t easy. So to make this long month of gift scrambling a little more relaxing, we’ve bundled up all of your Pima Cotton favorites into 13 different sets that both boys and girls can enjoy. Stock up on everything Pima from footies, rompers, hats or blankets, with our layette bundles in our top 10 prints of the year. Here are 5 of our favorite sets, and click here to see the rest on our site.   1. We start off with our Newborn sets in our Owl…

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13 Nov: TREND ALERT: More llama, less drama

Are you ready for the cutest trend of the season? If you thought that panda pajamas and unicorn dresses have been all the rage lately, you might have missed llamas picking up in popularity. Llamas have been showing up on organic baby clothes, modern layette, and baby rompers all over the pinterest stratosphere, so we decided to put our own spin on this super adorable trend. For this playful and cuddly print we took influence from the llama’s native country Peru, where our ultra-soft 100% Pima Cotton fabric is harvested by hand to satisfy the comfort of your little one. This fabric is not only hypoallergenic, durable, soft, and breathable, but also adapts to the temperature of the body and does not generate a sensation of heat or cold in a temperate climate. To add a touch of Noomie modern design, our funky camelids are popping gum to save that…

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25 Oct: Panda costume DIY for toddlers and newborns

For older toddlers, we came up with an adorable little headband with panda ears on them, free to add bows for girls! You will need: 1 black plastic headband for children Black and white craft gauze Glue gun Optional white bows for girls For babies, we came up with an adorable beanie version of our headband that will keep them warm all night long You will need: 1 Baby Noomie hat Black and white craft gauze Sewing kit Instead of sticking the ears onto the head band, you can sow them onto one of our white top knot hats! Wear your panda accessories with our adorable panda print footies or our 2 piece PJ’s for older toddlers!