Unicorn Madness

The unicorn trend has taken the world by storm, and we at Baby Noomie, joined the craze with our most popular print yet! But, what is so powerful about them? Unicorns have been a legendary symbol of magic and positivity. The trend has awakened cherished childhood memories in all of us; and what better way than re-living those years through our daughters. So we began sketching our Baby Noomie unicorn, in tones of light purple and pink with a touch of gold sparkle. We then digitalized it, and printed it in the softest fabric: Pima cotton. Since its launch, our unicorn print has flown off shelves throughout the country. We are thrilled that a symbol so powerful and magical has become a must-have Baby Noomie product. Join the trend, and dress your baby in the cutest and softest unicorns. May your little girls

Baby Noomie Is Now A Brixy Partner

Baby Noomie has recently become part of Brixy, a network for independent baby stores that gives them access to the best deals and products in the baby industry to help grow their business. There are 250 Brixy member stores across the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Through Brixy, these retailers are able to connect and provide each other anything from business advice to product recommendations. So, what does this mean for us at Baby Noomie? Being able to serve a community of independent stores is beyond exciting! In order to become a Brixy partner, you need the support of Brixy member stores that have had positive experiences with your line. So to all the Brixy members that have recommended us, we are very thankful! We strive to offer our customers the best service and quality in each and every one of our products. Becoming a Brixy partner means that we have been able to accomplish that. We are looking forward to participating in this wonderful community, and strongly encourage all our Baby Noomie fans to look for your pima cotton favorites in Brixy member stores that you can locate

Baby Noomie Presents Their SS18 Collection At Children’s Club

Our Spring 18 collection is out of this world!

The colors we bring into play are more bold and vibrant, and our designs are inspired by elements of our everyday life and even by our own nurseries. These include quirky cute patterns, rocking phrases, freehand graphics and even charming animal characters meant to establish a consequential connection to the natural world. Some prints are even conceived to create awareness about going green and taking better care of our planet.

Come see it all at Children’s Club in the Javits Center this August 6 -8.

See you there!


Javits Center Childrens Club

Baby Noomie Helps Venezuelan Children Sending Clothes and Blankets

Baby Noomie donated several clothing pieces to children in Venezuela to support Venezuelan mothers and children during this difficult time. The Pima cotton layette line, committed last week to give one piece of clothing for each purchase of $70 USD. Additionally, they collected diapers and other basic goods to send to Venezuela for those in need. Some of those goods were delivered last week to Venezuelan children and more are on their way.

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Baby Noomie: Tips for Helping Baby Sleep Through the Night and Choosing the Right Baby Pajamas and Baby Blankets to Help You

We believe that parenting a baby should be an absolutely amazing, fun, and joyous stage in your life. Not a dreaded, exhausting, and stressful mess. Getting a baby to sleep can be challenging for a new parent. But with the right tools