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Have you bought blankets, hats and bibs yet? This is your chance! We offer you a wide selection of accessories made in Peruvian pima cotton that guarantees durability. This type of fabric has the quality of being breathable and the fabrics are extremely soft. Therefore, washing will not make the pieces rigid and will always provide the softness that your baby needs.

In relation to the designs, there is a lot to choose from. In addition, we have pieces at affordable prices so that you can buy more than one piece and complete your wardrobe. Our collection of Baby boy accessories has a wide color palette. Although white predominates in most of the pieces, there are combinations with blue, red, green and yellow tones.

As for the prints, we have the traditional cars, rockets, stars and dinosaurs.

Don't know what to give away?

Many people, when they go to give a birthday present or meet a baby, have no idea what to give. Well, we tell you that any of the Baby boy accessories is perfect. Analyze a little, a hat, it never hurts and the same goes for a blanket, a bib or a set of sheets. So buying any of these accessories will make you look good on any occasion.

On the other hand, you have the guarantee that you are giving away excellent quality pieces and that pima cotton does not cause skin irritations or any type of allergies. So you can be sure that the baby's mother will appreciate this gift very much.

A collection of unique pieces

If you see the collection in detail, you will see that they are not the same prints as other stores. Because our suppliers manufacture and design to stand out from the rest of the baby clothing stores.

The pieces of accessories that we put at your disposal are perfect for any occasion. Besides of that, they're easy to put on, take off, wash, and go with everything.

So you can keep your baby impeccable and with a modern outfit all day. On the other hand, the bedding is fresh and soft in order to reduce crying episodes due to discomfort.