Protect your little one from the cold

The blankets that we offer in our virtual store are made with Peruvian pima cotton. This allows your baby to stay warm and not drop her body temperature. In addition, it is hypoallergenic, soft and guarantees that it will never irritate your baby's sensitive skin. You can also place it on the mattress to decorate your baby's crib.

If you are thinking of giving a beautiful gift to that unborn child or that you will soon meet, a blanket is the ideal gift or if you are putting together your baby shower gift list, do not forget to include blankets in your list.

Beautiful and striking prints

In our virtual store you will find a wide variety of prints designed especially for the little one in the house, among them you can find Construction layer blankets, yellow and blue Noomie Tie Dye, Blue Lollipops, spaceships, Arctic, Big Foot Cars and many more designs . It should be noted that all our blankets are double to reinforce the safety of your baby.

On the other hand, we have ideal blankets to protect the baby, such as our security blanket with blue patches. All of them are perfect to keep your little one warm regardless of the time of year, the blanket fulfills its function and is to keep your little one warm.

Use your baby's blanket as you wish

Our blankets have many functions and it is that you can not only use it to decorate the crib or to keep it warm. You can place her in her stroller when they go for a walk or when you are breastfeeding her. Choose the one you like best and keep it as a souvenir to show your little one when she grows up. And if he's just starting to play, lay it down like carpeting to protect him from the cold on the floor.

We invite you to explore our collection of blankets and add them to your shopping cart, don't miss our super offers, choose the ones you want, you will have them at home in a short time. Don't forget to have everything ready before the baby is born. The blankets are needed from the first moment, to maintain their body heat at birth.