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Footies for babies

The softness of the footies that we have in our collection cannot be compared to any other on the market. Pima cotton is first class and among its many qualities, the durability and resistance of the fabrics stands out.

These footies are versatile because the fabric provides different benefits depending on the climate. It is ideal for cold climates, as it keeps the temperature regulated and the baby stays warm at all times. In the same way, you can use it in summer because the fabric is breathable and does not allow excess heat to accumulate, providing freshness.

Therefore, you will have a happy, comfortable and fashionable baby at home. The new collection of Baby boys footie offers you many models to choose from and pieces with vibrant colors.

Comfortable pieces

Over the years, the brand has searched for a way to satisfy the needs of the little ones in the house. For this reason, each of the pieces in the catalog is designed so that the baby has freedom of movement and can walk from one place to another without complications.

Whether it is a beautiful newborn, an expert crawler or a walking learner, you will have the opportunity to buy the ones you want for each stage. Our online store is satisfied with manufacturing clothing items that accompany babies on all their adventures.

Footies for kids

A Baby boy footie is a necessary piece in any children's wardrobe, because it is the best alternative to keep the baby protected and comfortable on any occasion. The fabric is soft to the touch and its high quality stands out from the rest. With these fabrics you will have full assurance that your baby's skin will be free of allergies.

Easy to remove and put on, with charming designs and without washing complications, these pieces will be the best option to keep your baby fashionable with quality clothes. If your baby is okay, the parents will be too. Give your baby a happy rest.