A wonderful gift for a beautiful baby

If you want to attract attention with a fabulous gift, we have the solution for you. In our online store you will find beautiful sets for the boy or the girl. You will not have to look for the combination of the pieces. Our sets are integrated with the necessary pieces, such as a Footie Zipper, a Beanie and a double layer blanket.

Choose between prints that you will love, such as hearts, stars, sports, tie dye and many exclusive designs that you will love.The presentation is very striking, since the pieces are folded inside a fantastic box with beautiful details.

Gift at an unbeatable price

All our packs have up to 25% discount. So you should not miss this crazy opportunity. By acquiring it you are buying well-designed pieces, made with 100% Peruvian pima cotton of the best quality. They are tested pieces that confirm that they are hypoallergenic.

In addition, they are special for sensitive baby skin. Do not forget that it is a baby that has just been born, so the dermis is very delicate and does not support any type of fabric. This can cause the skin to become irritated and cause discomfort to the baby. It is for them that our fabrics are specially designed with the health, well-being and comfort of the newborn in mind.

With this gift, parents will be grateful and happy to see their baby enjoy the softness and tranquility that our clothing provides. Likewise, the double blanket provides the warmth that they so much need when they have just been born, no matter the time of year, they are ideal for any occasion and can be placed in the crib to decorate it with beautiful stuffed animals.

Safe purchase

When you buy in our virtual store, your data is safe. Our system uses the latest software security updates so that your data is not provided by third parties. Making the purchase is very simple. For them you must click on the item of your choice, then on the shopping cart. Later, in the upper right part, click on shopping cart and finally on final sale to enter the required data.

Clever! In a short time you will have in your hands that beautiful gift.