The best way to fight the cold

Thanks to the fact that our blankets are made with 100% cotton Peruvian pima fabric, soft and hypoallergenic, it allows you to keep your baby perfectly warm. Besides that, you'll love the sheer number of beautiful colors and designs we have for them.

Likewise, they are perfect to place them on the mattress of the crib and decorate it with delicate stuffed animals, so that they are part of the decoration of the room.Without a doubt, our blankets are a perfect and indispensable gift for a beautiful baby that is about to be born or that you are going to meet. So don't forget to include our blankets in your gift list.

Variety of colors and spectacular designs

At Noomie we have a wide variety of blankets for girls, decorated with ice creams, balloons, cupcakes, candies, animals and some more psychological ones such as the bubblegum effect, tie dye, the double layer with polka dots and many more.

On the other hand, you can find thin or thick ones and they work perfectly to keep the baby warm throughout the year, it doesn't matter if it's cold or hot, they are in charge of maintaining the little one's body heat.

Accompany your baby wherever she goes

Baby blankets can not only be used in bed or to keep her warm at night. Choose one of her for walks in the stroller or for when you hold her in your arms, while she takes her bottle or breast.
 Buy the blanket that you like the most for that special baby, our fabrics are of the highest quality. So they remain intact and will be a wonderful memory for when your girl grows up.

Also, you can place them as a rug when she starts playing alone in the living room or bedroom.
 Think no more! Choose the one you like best and always keep the princess of the house warm and safe. Add it to your shopping cart or place it on the gift list as a priority, don't forget that keeping her body heat at a good level is of great importance for a baby's health.