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What should you consider before buying sheets for your baby

Buying sheets for your baby's crib at Noomie gives you great advantages. So continue with us and learn a little about their materials and designs.When choosing an accessory for newborn babies, it is important to take into account how delicate their skin is. Do not forget that during their first days the dermis is hypersensitive, so it is recommended to be careful when putting them to bed.

Considering this, we have dedicated ourselves to manufacturing sheets, especially for them with 100% cotton Peruvian pima fabric. In this way, you will prevent your baby's skin from becoming irritated or damaged. Thanks to the natural composition of the fabric that is hypoallergenic and very soft.

Another thing you should know before buying sheets for your girl's crib is the temperature of the environment, since some fabrics are not the same for a warm city as for one where the climate is cold. It should be noted that with our sheets you will not have any problem, they provide total protection in the cold or heat to your baby. This is because they mold to her body heat.

We work with the best Peruvian pima

One of the things that you should consider before buying any sheet for your baby's crib is that these clothes require continuous washing, since they tend to get dirty very easily. On the other hand, the Peruvian pima fabric has a resistant but very soft fabric, which washes very well and is suitable for taking it to the dryer. Quiet! They won't get hurt.

In addition, the designs are really beautiful, in the catalog you can find cute unicorn sheets, pink or blue eyes, balloons, rainbows, among others. If you would like something more classic and elegant, you can opt for a white, pink, gray or blue crib sheet.

As you will see, we have beautiful prints with fun and very tender designs, perfect for creating a suitable and, above all, cozy environment for the little one in the house.
 Do not let the arrival of your baby take you by surprise and prepare the room in advance!