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Why should you buy more than one?

In our online store, like many moms, we are convinced that just one Baby Burp Cloth is not enough. These cloths were created with the intention of containing breast milk, regurgitation, and to clean food residues when they stop exclusive breastfeeding. In other words, they are the cloths that will free us from many messes.

Being such a functional piece, it is logical that to be the best you have to evaluate certain characteristics. There are two fundamental points in order to be efficient, and that is that these cloths must be durable and have wide coverage. Fortunately, our Baby Burp Cloths have both qualities, in addition, they are absorbent, organic and very soft, thanks to the origin of the fabrics.

They are excellent for catching all kinds of spills and being quickly absorbed allows the baby's caregiver to solve various situations without so many complications.Therefore, buying several packs will give you the opportunity to equip yourself and always have cloths available on any occasion.

You cannot imagine the number of times you will have to use it daily, therefore, you must be equipped to be attentive to any emergency.

High quality cloths

As you will understand, quality is important in order to fully fulfill the task for which they were created. In the same way we indicate that our cloths have other virtues, among which are:

  • Strong Flatlock Seams: Flatlock seams are part of the structure of most baby accessories. These do not allow the baby to rub against any part of the body and hurt the skin. In addition, they prevent fabrics from shrinking when machine washed and dried.
  • Organic material: In these times of trying to raise children with an ecological culture, it is important to support organic materials. Pima cotton meets this requirement and also helps prevent allergies.
  • Perfect textures: the softness offered by this type of fabric is indisputable, therefore, this quality will be present even after washing and for many years.

It is important to note that pima cotton is dermatologically tested, which is highly beneficial in order to preserve the skin of babies.