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Pajamas for all ages

So that all family members have the opportunity to have one of our beautiful Hanukkah we have designed special pajamas for each of them. Therefore, in our catalog you will find Footies with a zipper for the baby, two-piece PJ happy for the not so little ones, dress type for girls and two-piece with pants and shirt for mom.

On the other hand, you will enjoy our exclusive designs and colors, although one of the things that our customers liked the most is the quality of the fabric. All our garments are made with high quality Peruvian pima. In addition, before the pieces go on the market, they go through a rigorous quality control that determines that they are unique and first class.

If your child is allergic, has sensitive skin and likes comfort? These sleepwear are perfect for him, since our fabrics are 100% cotton, hypoallergenic and soft, you and your little ones will be able to sleep comfortably all night. Likewise, you will have the opportunity to have in your hands an exclusive design, specially made for the family.

That is why we remind you to take a beautiful family photograph, so that you keep alive the wonderful moment that you shared with your children, by dressing all the same, for sure it will be spectacular.

Take advantage of the best prices

Now the family can wear a beautiful design for everyone before going to bed and that's not all, by purchasing our Hanukkah you are not only buying an exclusive garment, you are also saving money.

Because we adapt our prices so that everyone can have the same pajamas. Don't you believe us? Check the prices we have and you will give us the reason. It is very rare to find a quality garment at a low cost.

This is possible at Noomie where we have fabulous clothing items that, despite being washed in washing machines and tumble dryers, can last for many years. We invite you to review all our product catalogs before making the purchase.

If you are lucky you will find clothing for your little ones with succulent offers and discounts. Take advantage of them that are for a limited time.