Being home all day makes kids hungry. And it is not really hunger, but more boredom. It drives us, parents, crazy to see our children eat snacks all day, and when dinner time comes, plates stay full and untouched. Here’s an amazing idea to make snacking a breeze! A fellow mom from my son’s kindergarten shared it with our class so I decided to try it out and it has truly worked; on day 7 of quarantine, our snacking has been limited without any tantrums. Success!

So this is what you do:

  1. Grab an empty box in your house and have your child decorate it with colors, stickers, and whatever you have handy.
  2. Every morning, you let your child choose 3 snacks (I personally do 1 sweet and 2 salty).

These snacks are for the entire day (plus free fruit). They need to decide when to eat them. If by 9 a.m. the box is empty, then there are no more snacks except for fruit for the rest of the day.

You will see how magically, your kids will begin rationing their snacks throughout the day; plus they will feel empowered by choosing what snacks they’ll eat.

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