How To Decorate A NurseryBaby Noomie
May 18, 2022

How To Decorate A Nursery

Welcome to nesting mode! One of the many exciting parts of preparing to welcome your little one. Though it is a happy time, it can be very intimating, so we…
Taste Safe Construction Sensory PlayBaby Noomie
April 29, 2022

Taste Safe Construction Sensory Play

While obsessing over the Spring Noomie pajama collection, we created a sensory bin to match the Construction print! Sharing a fun and taste safe sensory play idea with only 2 ingredients that is…
Baby Noomie
September 1, 2021


If you follow our social media channels you know we love sensory activities! We know how important these are for every child’s development, especially those who struggle with sensory processing.…
Baby Noomie
August 2, 2021

Our First Collab

It was during the pandemic months of 2020 that Andrea and I sat down and began brainstorming new projects for 2021. As we saw the world spinning at a different…
Baby Noomie
July 1, 2021

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas With Pima Cotton Pajamas

Finding out you’re pregnant is one of the most exciting news you will ever get. It’s something that you want to tell the whole world right away, but keep in…
Baby Noomie
June 7, 2021

Why you need Pima Cotton Pajamas for your little ones

Pima cotton pajamas are not like any other regular pajamas. They are what most people would call fancy baby clothes. In fact, pima cotton is a high quality fabric designed…
Baby Noomie
May 12, 2021

Summer Vibes Kicking In! – DIY Pink Lemonade Popsicles

Summer is around the corner and what better way to enjoy it than with some delicious and healthy popsicles? Every child loves them! Check out this Pink Lemonade popsicles recipe;…
Baby Noomie
May 7, 2021

Noomie Sensory Space Bag

Sensory bags, also called squish bags, are important for every child’s development, especially those who struggle with sensory processing. They allow children to explore, discover, imagine, create, and learn while…
Baby Noomie
May 7, 2021

On This Mother’s Day, Celebrate Yourself!

Mother's day is a great opportunity for others to shower us with love for performing the most amazing job in the world. But this Mother's day, I'd like to invite…
Baby Noomie
March 3, 2021

Hospital Bag Checklist!

You must be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel if you are preparing your bags, what an exciting time! We as a whole team have put together…
Baby Noomie
February 19, 2021

Gender Reveal Box!

Pregnancy is filled with so many magical moments & beautiful memories. One of the most exciting milestones is the GENDER REVEAL! Parents, family, and friends are all so eager to…
Baby Noomie
December 23, 2020


Winter break is coming soon and we need to keep our little ones busy while school is out! We always love matching our prints to unique kids activities, so here…
Baby Noomie
November 20, 2020

Set Up Your Table For Thanksgiving!

Tips & Tricks from Mat Chic! Pick your matching thanksgiving mat. Keep the color scheme in mind. 2. Choose your dinnerware. Use neutral tones or clear plates to complement the…
Baby Noomie
November 11, 2020


DIY crafts at home are much more fun when they are easy & simple to do! We have been inspired by our new Rainbow Tie Dye Collection & have created…
Baby Noomie
September 9, 2020

Why Baby Noomie Crib Sheets?

At the top of every nursery checklist is CRIB SHEETS! It is an absolute necessity for your little one's room, so why not make a statement with a cute print?…
Baby Noomie
August 28, 2020

Interactive Reading Lesson | Learn Through Play

Homeschooling can be one of the hardest tasks a parent has to get done. But do not worry, we will get through this together! We have found a simple &…
Baby Noomie
August 13, 2020

Creating A Daily Schedule for Kids

With school being online, for the most part, this school year, we thought it would be helpful to include some of our favorite tips and tricks to create an effective…
Baby Noomie
August 13, 2020


As you can probably tell, we LOVE mermaids and easy activities that entertain for hours! We found an amazing activity, Ocean in a Bottle, from Happy Hooligans, which is sure…
Baby Noomie
July 29, 2020

Potty Training Methods

Parents always want to know the perfect, easiest, fastest, cleanest way to potty train. I wish I could give all those parents an answer in one blog post. But the…
Baby Noomie
July 24, 2020

The Perfect Panda Nursery!

Planning & building a nursery is one of the most exciting parts of preparing for your baby! Picking a theme, browsing Pinterest, & watching the whole room come to life…
Baby Noomie
July 22, 2020

Homemade Sensory Seafoam Toy

During the hot summer, water is any kid's favorite toy! This super simple recipe is a fun and unique way for them to enjoy the water! Dye Homemade Sensory Seafoam…
Baby Noomie
July 20, 2020

The Story of Baby Noomie

My name is Alissa Wapinski, and together with my partner Andrea Schneider we founded Baby Noomie. Baby Noomie is a brand that focuses on high quality and modern clothing for…
Baby Noomie
July 17, 2020


During these times, we know it is crucial to find fun things that will keep a kid's attention and we know that almost every kid LOVES ice cream, so why…
Baby Noomie
July 15, 2020


One of this summer’s trending fashions is tie-dye, and it is very simple to DIY at home! All you need is some basic supplies in order to transform basic pieces…