Aside from being the cutest way to prepare for bedtime, matching pajamas have real benefits for your children. Matching outfits is a fun way to nurture a bond between siblings.

Mijal Eisen, LCSW, behavioral therapist and co-founder of the TimE Emotional Guidance Center says “Matching outfits for siblings is a fun and easy way to foster a sense of unity and belonging between individuals of a family unit. I believe Baby Noomie does an amazing job at portraying such traits through their unique designs that are not only age appropriate, gentle and modern but also their quality makes my son ask for their PJs every single night!”

We have so many prints available to help you foster this special bond! Featured above is our Rainbow collection, perfect for any pair of adorable sisters. Below features the Hedgehog and Universe collections, in case you have a boy and girl. No matter your style, we have a print for you! From neutral options like Pandas and Bolts to colorful options like Rainbows and Dinos, we’ve got all siblings covered and ready for bedtime. Matching Pajamas can make everyday sibling day!

PS, the Hedgehogs are on sale!

April 10, 2019 — Baby Noomie Staff