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Baby Footies

Baby footies are an alternative to keep babies comfortable and warm from the chest to the toes. Designed with contemporary print motifs and attractive details to keep them looking adorable all day.
 Our online store brings a wide catalog with dozens of footies models. You find them with buttons or zippers with invisible reinforced seams so that they do not hurt the baby's skin. In addition, the diversity of colors will make you have a pleasant time choosing the one that best suits your baby's personality.
Footies have always set a trend, these pieces of clothing have become essential for the wardrobe of the little ones. Its complete structure allows you to cover your entire body without interfering with movement, and maintains the ideal temperature for you to be happy.
 The usefulness of footies goes far beyond the aesthetics of the baby, they are pieces of clothing for daily use that you can wear at any time of the year.

Buy Pima cotton Footies at an excellent price

Being such versatile pieces and in high demand, it is obvious that the price should not be excessive. On the contrary, it is quite affordable so that several models of this garment can be purchased.
 The proposal that we bring you in our catalog surpasses other similar pieces in quality, due to the fact that Peruvian pima cotton has the quality of being hypoallergenic. In addition, it has been dermatologically tested and guarantees that the baby's skin will be free of allergies.
 Its delicate fabric offers an air intake so that it does not cause irritation in the most vulnerable areas. The designs are really lovely and patterns are available for any holiday of the year.
 These pieces can be used from newborns to approximately 9 months. Find your favourite, there are many models of baby footies to choose from.