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What are gender neutral colors?

Currently, moms no longer focus on colors that identify the gender, that is, pink and blue to define if it is a girl or a boy, it is no longer a priority. Now, the trend is leaning towards so-called gender-neutral colors. At first, using the term “gender neutral or unisex” took buyers straight to yellow, in all its shades.

In these times, it takes you to whites, different grays, greens (from pastel to brighter tones), beige or earth tones, caramel color and even purple.These colors have the quality that they do not scream "the gender of the baby", but invites you to add several accessories to determine if it is a beautiful girl or an attractive hunk.

In our online store we offer a wide variety of very cute and genderless options so that the little ones are fashionable. Also, you lose some of the social pressure to dress in a color that shows the baby's gender.

Modern Collection

Many of the pieces in the catalog have been designed leaving a classic line in terms of cuts. However, what stands out this season are the colors and that have been added, sets, pajamas and even gender-neutral sheets. If you look closely, you will find unisex prints and clothing pieces with white backgrounds so as not to be so emphatic in the color palette.

Also, we have two-piece pajamas with Christmas patches and red trim that any child will love.
 Of course, in this section you will find dresses for girls, but the version for men is also available. In such a way that if you have a girl and a boy, both can combine or dress the same to sleep or be at home.

Gender-neutral children's clothing is the ideal alternative if you are going to make a gift and you do not know the tastes of the recipient. Many moms lose money giving gifts to kids who don't like more popular colors like pink and blue, so gender-neutral colors reduce the chances they won't like the piece.