During the hot summer, water is any kid’s favorite toy! This super simple recipe is a fun and unique way for them to enjoy the water! Dye Homemade Sensory Seafoam their favorite colors and add their favorite toys so they will be entertained for hours! With just a few easy steps, this play recipe will soon become one of your favorites!


  • Water
  • Dish soap
  • Food coloring
  • Bin
  • Hand mixer, whisk, or blender
  • Toys (optional)


  1. Add your water, soap, and food coloring into a bin.
  2. Grab a hand mixer, whisk, or blender and mix until fluffy
  3. Add the mixture into the bin along with some small toys!

Enjoy your Homemade Sensory Seafoam Toy!

July 22, 2020 — Baby Noomie Staff