Finding out you’re pregnant is one of the most exciting news you will ever get. It’s something that you want to tell the whole world right away, but keep in mind that you need to be careful about how you share your news. First of all, when should you announce pregnancy? The answer to that is it’s totally up to you! Most women wait until the 14 week mark though.

Everyone wants to announce their pregnancy to their family and friends in a cute, original and creative way. Looking for inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. We have a variety of pregnancy announcements ideas for boys, girls, twins, and gender neutral. Including twin outfits, baby footie pajamas, gender neutral colors, and more! You will need Noomie pima cotton pajamas, a letter board, and a camera!

So, how should you announce it? We’ve all seen pregnancy announcements where people create a custom video or make a customized t-shirt for their older kid. Here we bring you something different where you can include our soft pima cotton pajamas with their unique prints. Find fun and creative ways to announce your news below!


July 01, 2021 — Alissa Wapinsky