Happy National Book Day! In celebration, Lauren from Happily Ever Elephant has shared your top tips to starting a reading habit early! She is a mom, school librarian, reader, blogger & lawyer who also finds the time to review kids books! We are so excited to share them with you!

1) Read every day! Even if you think your baby or toddler isn’t interested or engaged, keep reading! If you get tired of them roaming around when you read, put them in a contained space- read during the bath or while they are eating in the high chair!

2) Keep books all-around your house. The more they see books in every room, the more you will begin to create a reading culture right at home!

3) Create a bedtime reading habit! Even if it’s just one quick board book, snuggle up in the glider and read a story every night before your baby goes into the crib!

For more awesome tips, follow along with Lauren!

April 21, 2020 — Alissa Wapinski