Welcome to nesting mode! One of the many exciting parts of preparing to welcome your little one. Though it is a happy time, it can be very intimating, so we have called an expert! Interior Design, Galit Wainberg has shared her top tips & steps to curating a space that you and your little one with feel right at home in.

For how to decorate a nursery, Galit starts with thinking of what you want the space to express, like what feeling: vibrant- electric, calm- peaceful, fun…. Cofounder of Noomie opted for a calm-peaceful room for her twin boys.

Once you have chosen your “vibe”, select bedding focal starting point and a bedding color. Of course, the room is based on Baby Noomie Crib Sheets, Spaceships.

Artwork is a always a finishing touch the ties in all together. Try to look for art (or make some) the matches or contrasts (depending on your style) the color pallet you selected.

Here is a STEP-BY-STEP process:

  • Choose the space
  • Define a color pallet
    • pastels, bright colors, neutrals, monochromatic, black and white
  • Define a style
    • classic, modern, trendy
  • Connect the textures and shapes with the different elements of the space (between furniture and decoration) ex: the texture of the blanket can resemble the wallpaper design
  • Add some love 😉

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May 18, 2022 — Vanessa Sanchez