When it comes to baby clothing and baby pajamas Baby Noomie has a lot of experience in knowing what moms prefer. In our five years of creating and designing, we’ve come to realize that zipper footies are all the rage in the mommy world.

Although we do love a traditional snap footie, zipper footies are taking over for the millennial trendy mom. All of our best selling prints come in zipper versions, like our favorite rainbows zipper footie. For matching boys and girls, we have blue universe zipper footies and pink universe footies. For all of our panda baby clothes lovers, our panda print comes in zipper as well. In our new collection, it is also available in shark and snails. All of our zipper footies come with inner lining where the zipper is to protect your baby’s skin. We know moms that have had more than one baby already know how convenient and practical they are, that’s why we recommend new moms to try them out and see how quick and easy they make diaper changes.


June 04, 2019 — Baby Noomie Staff