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Accessories for all occasions

No outfit is complete without blankets, bibs and hats, and our store offers these accessories at great prices. All pieces are made from the highest quality Peruvian Pima cotton, so you can be sure that the fabric will not cause allergies or skin irritations.
 Our collection of baby accessories has a variety of products and pastel shades that you will love. Some pieces also include yellows and oranges, but some light reds and oranges bring more life to these pieces.

The ideal gift

The baby accessories from our collection make great gifts if you are meeting a new member of the family or want to welcome the arrival of a baby. A blanket or a hat will never hurt, newborns need these things to be comfortable in the first months of life.
 We also have two sheet designs, also in Pima cotton, that you will love. These types of sheets are perfect for keeping babies as comfortable as possible and preventing them from crying due to overheating. So you can be sure that the baby's mom will really appreciate this gift.

Hats and blankets for all occasions

When you take a closer look at the collection of blankets and hats, you'll find that they come in a variety of styles and colors.
 This is done on purpose so that you can buy baby accessories for any occasion. Therefore, you will have different pieces to go to an event, a visit to the pediatrician or a walk together with a baby outfit of your choice.
 You can also use the blanket depending on the day and even put it in your stroller to keep cool while strolling. These accessories are beautiful and top quality!

Why buy these accessories for your baby?

Children in the mother's womb stay warm, and the best way to simulate that feeling is by keeping them warm. This is only achieved with delicate blankets like the ones we offer you in pima. Thanks to the fact that they are made of cotton fabric, your baby will always be well protected.