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Newborn clothes

Many stores are exclusively dedicated to selling Baby Clothes from 3 months, on the other hand, in Noomies, you will find clothes to wear from the first day of birth. Babies need lots of changes of clothes in their first few months, so our multi-pack helps ensure you always have new clothes ready.

Take a look at our adorable selection of baby clothes, just what you need to make sure your little one looks stylish. Of course, no look is complete without baby hats. To do this, at the end of the catalog you will find many options that you can combine with whatever you want. Noomies is the right place to shop for beautiful clothes for your newborn.

Choose from many beautiful styles for boys and girls, and several gender-neutral options

Regardless of the age of your baby, this newborn or reaching 2 years, here you will find Baby Clothes. We have an inventory full of charming pieces for you to put together your complete wardrobe, there are even blankets and sheets so you don't miss anything.

Before the arrival of the baby, everything is usually calmer and parents tend to be cautious and buy everything in advance. When the baby is born everything changes. Now time is less and buying clothes online is an excellent option.

For this reason, we have attached all the essentials so that you do not waste time and buy everything you need in one place.


Pajamas to provide a restful rest

There is also a wide selection of baby pajamas in lovely designs. We also have two-piece sets, footies, onesies and much more, so your baby can sleep through the night. We assure you that our baby blankets will allow them to sleep comfortably. In fact, why don't you take a look at the bed sheet collection too? There are many models to choose from.

For some time now, our online store has been the window for many moms who are looking for quality clothes. And that is precisely what we sell, quality pieces that make your day to day easier and that your baby is well dressed and protected.