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A relaxed baby means a relaxed mother

For light sleepers, we have the perfect bedtime companion in a Pima Cotton Pajamas. This guarantees that he will be soft, airy and will keep him calm and comfortable throughout his sleep. In this way, moms will be able to rest with the love of their life and both will wake up happy.

But, not only pajamas are essential. If you add to this experience a good blanket and some soft sheets, also made of pima cotton, sleep will be truly pleasant. For this reason, we invite you to see the section of sheets and blankets that you will love. We have a variety of colors and styles to choose from.

Why is Peruvian pima cotton used?

At Noomies we use Peruvian Pima cotton, simply because of the quality of the fabric. Not in vain, it is recognized in the world as the finest and softest cotton fiber, being these its qualities, we could not miss the opportunity to sell clothes with this type of fabric.

Unlike other types of cotton, the texture of Pima cotton allows the skin to breathe better, preventing allergies and skin irritations, making it an ideal fabric for baby's delicate skin. In addition, the use of this fiber makes the garments easier to wash and they do not lose their shape or consistency, unlike products made with synthetic textiles.

Originally grown on the north coast of Peru, Peruvian Pima cotton forms long, thin fibers at the right temperature and humidity, making it extremely durable. The collection process is handmade, which allows eliminating waste and separating the best part. In addition, the shine and softness they provide makes it far superior to other types of cotton.

If you want to buy the best Pima Cotton Pajamas on the market, you just have to browse our catalog. You will see many options and when you have it in your hands you will know why the softness is superior.

These pieces of clothing are extremely durable and do not contain synthetic pigments, therefore, you are buying quality, organic and ecological clothing.