100% Pima Cotton Blankets

Discover our different blankets and why we made them. 

Noomie Blanket 3 in 1

Cover, Swaddle, and Nurse.

When Noomie was born, we were new moms at the time, exploring this new maternity journey and what we could bring to it. As nursing moms, we were looking for something practical to carry around that would function as a blanket but also a nursing cover, and this is how our Noomie blanket was born. We tested this product with our own children and we were immediately obsessed ! A multifunctional 100% Pima cotton blanket was now part of our diaper bag and everywhere we went with our baby! It had to of course match our prints, be super thin and breathable, stretchy enough to swaddle, big enough to cover as a throw blanket, and lastly long enough to cover while nursing. To nurse, you simply snap a button around your neck and voila!This incredible product should not be overlooked as it is the perfect companion for mom, the perfect blanket for babies, and the most adorable matching piece to any footie for the sweetest shower gift!

Double Layer Blanket

Every Pima cotton crib sheet has a matching double layer blanket that will make your baby's nursery even more special! What's great about our blankets, besides the soft fabric, is that they are hypoallergenic and will not irritate your baby's skin; they are the perfect size and thickness to carry around everywhere you go, you can use to swaddle, and lastly, the flip side of our double layer blankets will always make you smile; it's where the main character of any print comes to life, whether through images or words. So when you shop our blankets to match our pima baby clothes, always look on the flip side!