One of the best feelings for the millennial mom is to see her kids run around in the backyard and discover the outdoors the way we did when we were little. With your little ones busy with school throughout the year, and with the boom in gadget play, we know outdoor activities don’t happen as often as we’d like. But summer time is the perfect opportunity to show your kids how important it is for them to explore their curiosity and expand their imagination outside of the house. So we’ve come up with 3 fun ways to keep your kids entertained outside this summer:

  1. Build a lemonade stand! All you need is a small backyard table, a barrel beverage cooler filled with freshly squeezed organic lemonade, and a cute sign with your little ones to wave around and attract customers. Take this as a chance to teach them about entrepreneurship, and the satisfaction of having their own piggy bank.
  2. Come up with a treasure hunt! Not only will your kids be running around outside all day, but they’ll have to use their minds to solve puzzles and rhymes that will lead them to their final prize. This is also an awesome opportunity for team building where siblings can work together and lead each other through the game.
  3. Build a fort in your backyard! You’ll need fairly large pieces of corrugated cardboard, cardboard tubes to add strength, a box cutter (only handled by the adult) , and tape. Make sure the tape matches the color of your card board and is strong enough to hold up your fort. Top it off with glitter, stickers and markers for decoration your kids can get creative with. It only takes an hour to assemble the fort, but decoration and play are all day!

Make this a memorable summer by reaping the benefits of our simple and fun ways to expand your activity checklist. Let us know in the comments your own creative ways to inspire adventure with your little ones in your own backyard!


July 12, 2018 — Baby Noomie Staff