Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting Vera and her son Eitan. Their story really made an impact in our lives not only because of the strength, courage, love, and patience involved, but also because of the unexpected yet beautiful role Baby Noomie played in all this. Little Eitan was connected to different tubes that assisted him in eating and feeding and our baby clothing was the most comfortable choice for easy in and out and softness. A year later, Eitan is an amazing toddler, running around free, happy, and most importantly, healthy. And Vera, is just a supermom keeping it all together. We asked her once how she was able to change tubes, give meds, and handle a medical ventilator without hesitation, and she answered: if I don’t stay strong then the moment I simply give up everything and everyone around me including my family will begin to fall apart. My family needs me at my best to keep going.”

Vera taught us that, as moms, we need to set the pace in our house. If we show strength our family will be strong, if we show patience, we will teach them perseverance, and if we keep going and keep trying, we will teach them to never give up.

Thank you Vera, not only for sharing your amazing story, but also for reminding us that what we do has a positive impact, and however small it is, to us it means the world.

Q: A year has gone by; can you tell us a bit about Eitan today?

A: Eitan is an amazing boy who continues to impress me each and every day. This past year he has made huge progress. He is now two and a half years old and is no longer on a vent. He is thankfully breathing 100% on his own. He had his trach removed and a few months later we surgically closed the hole. He can talk, walk, run and has recently learned how to jump and is very proud of himself! He still does not eat anything by mouth and gets fed via his g-tube. He loves having conversations, reading books, playing basketball, building cars and airplanes, playing at my gym and tucking in his brother and sister to bed. He has come such a long way and is truly a miracle child.

Q: As a mom, what has been the greatest challenge?

A: I don’t know why but I don’t feel that I can state one greatest challenge. I don’t feel that this has been a challenge for me, I just feel that this is the life G-d gave me and I take it day by day. I have accepted it and stayed positive throughout and learned how to take on a different life than the one I thought I was going to have. However, all of that being said there are some things that are very very difficult to deal with. For example, dealing with the insurance companies and the constant bills and disagreements, managing and dealing with his day and night shift nurses in my house, making sure Eitan always has all the right equipment he needs, making time for each member of my family, trying to make things seem as if all is normal in our life when it’s really not, keeping an active social life, and most of all I have realized it is very hard to plan anything because I never know what to expect, so I like to live day by day.

Q: What would you tell other moms out there who are going through a challenging time?

A: I think I mentioned this in the first interview, but PATIENCE PATIENCE PATIENCE. Each child is so fragile when they are born, whether they have a medical condition or not, and they need time and stimulation to grow and flourish. And even if your child isn’t going to be that “normal” kid you thought you were going to have, its ok because this is the path you were supposed to take. Surround yourself with a strong support system. Try to see the positive in everything and try to find moments of peace.

Q: Does Eitan still wear Noomie?

A: Of course Eitan still wears Noomie. I love that Noomie designs its pajamas with very clear prints. These fun prints can initiate a conversation with your child or even provide a child the opportunity to make a choice and select which pajama they want to wear that night. Do you want the panda bear pajama or the doggie pajama? Although his sister has outgrown her Noomie pajamas, she still continues to wear them because she loves how soft they are and of course matching Eitan is a huge plus!


May 03, 2018 — Baby Noomie Staff