With school being online, for the most part, this school year, we thought it would be helpful to include some of our favorite tips and tricks to create an effective schedule that you and your kids will be excited to use. These tips should help create an organized schedule that will help your kids stay on track and excited to go to school at home.

  1. By letting your kids help create the calendar, they will get excited to complete their goals and tasks and will make them understand what a typical day will look like for them
  2. By decorating the calendar, they will be able to add their fun touch and it will encourage them to follow the schedule that they helped create.
  3. By adding a free-time activity that they choose into there calendar, they will be able to work towards that specific goal which will allow them to become motivated to finish their work.
  4. By explaining to them why it’s important to follow and complete their tasks, they will be able to understand why these rules must be followed which will most likely encourage them to listen.

If you designate a specific place for their studies, they will be more comfortable and will help prevent distractions that would be caused by phone, tv, or any other entertainment for them. You can even have them pick a decoration for that area so that they will be excited to use the space. This will also provide a strict guideline for their routine, so they will be more able to expect what every day will look like.

You can also look for a psychologist or someone credible talking on the importance of routine or their tips for homeschooling! Professionals have many more great tips that will help you feel comfortable about what your kid’s days are looking like.

We also wanted to include a checklist for you moms with ways to make your homeschooling easier for you:

Weekly checklist

  • Clearly displayed homeschool schedule (with breaks and fun activities)
  • Keep an organized selection of supplies and materials that they will need near where they will be working
  • Have your kids get ready in the morning. (This will wake them up, make them feel like they are in a real school, and make them have a fresh start to each day)
  • Add breaks so that they won’t run out of excitement for homeschooling!

Remember to be patient with not only your children but also yourself. These are tough times, but we are all in this together! Good luck!

August 13, 2020 — Baby Noomie Staff