1. Set a date: Guest list, and times: Our party started at 7pm and we had 7 girls total. It was the perfect amount to not be overwhelmed but had enough girls at the party.
  2. Set a theme: I went with the Unicorn theme for my daughter and had all the girls wearing unicorn pajamas! I also love the idea of an animal themed party for boys with bulldog pajamas or panda pajamas. Themes aren’t totally necessary, but it makes it easier to plan activities and crafts.
  3. Invitations: I sent mine out through evites and made sure everyone RSVP’d so I had a proper head count and I didn’t have too much or too little of anything.
  4. Snacks: Pizza is the easiest way out. I turned dessert into an activity and had the girls make their own unicorn cupcakes with tons of edible glitter.
  5. Activities/Crafts: Apart from our dessert making, I bought unicorn coloring books and colored pencils for them to draw. It made for a creative activity that wasn’t messy and didn’t stain their Noomie pajamas.
  6. Figure out sleeping arrangements: Even Though I let all the moms know to bring a sleeping bag, someone forgot. So make sure to have enough blankets and pillows available just in case. I rearranged my living room and took out some furniture to make space were all the sleeping bags could go. The girls started off the way I planned and then woke up completely sprawled out either way.
  7. Have fun!


June 21, 2019 — Baby Noomie Staff