Mother’s day is a great opportunity for others to shower us with love for performing the most amazing job in the world. But this Mother’s day, I’d like to invite you to also shower yourself with love.

We are constantly giving and doing for others wholeheartedly and we forget that by loving ourselves and giving to, and doing for ourselves we can accomplish deeper connections with our children. Motherhood is not about how many discipline books you can read, or how much you give to your kids, or how many classes you take them to. It’s about self love; the more love you give yourself the more love you can outpour to your children. Self-discipline yourself and lead by example, you’ll see how things will flow a little better. Listen with your heart and live life through their eyes, it is so much more magical. And when you’re feeling low, because there are those days, there is no heartache or pain that your children can’t alleviate, so hug and kiss them often. And lastly, be yourself, be free; believe with your whole heart and mind that you are doing a great job, and your children, the recipients of your self-love will feel every single piece of it.





May 07, 2021 — Alissa Wapinsky