What better way to get ready for a night of trick or treating than to have a Halloween-eve movie watch party? My kids love to get into their favorite Noomie pajamas every 30th of October to get them excited for Halloween. Here are my top 5 Halloween movie picks to get my kids into the
spooky spirit.

  1. Hotel Transylvania: Count Dracula runs Hotel Transylvania, a destination where monsters can take a break from the human world. But when 21-year-old Jonathan arrives on the premises, Dracula must hide the human visitor from his guests and protect his “teenage” vampire daughter from falling for him too.
  2. Coco: Disney Pixar brings together Land of the Living and Dead on Día de Los Muertos as little Miguel searches for his great-grandfather and learns more of his family history along the way. This one will definitely tug at your heartstrings!
  3. Caroline: When a young girl named Caroline is accidentally transported to what at first resembles a better version of her universe, she’s thrilled. Except this new realm is not what it seems. Cool but creepy animated fantasy some say its too scary for young kids. Recommended 9+.
  4. Paranorman: From the same creators of Caroline, ParaNorman is a stop-motion animated film about a young boy who can communicate with the undead and is tasked with ending a witch’s curse on his hometown. Though they may not have those paranormal skills, teens especially may be able to relate to Norman.
  5. Hocus pocus: On the night of Halloween, it’s up to three children and a magical cat to stop three resurrected witch sisters from wreaking havoc in Salem. This is my all-time favorite. It’s an oldie but a classic and the kids love it nonetheless!

For some, Halloween is a time for scaring the neighbors and dressing up. For me, it’s another excuse to cuddle up with my little ones for a movie night in the softest pajamas ever!

October 28, 2019 — Baby Noomie Staff