We’re excited to introduce our NEW Baby Noomie donuts print, designed for the sweetest girls in town. Inspired by one of our girl’s favorite snacks, we capture our latest set of luxuriously soft baby girl clothes. This dual print set features colorful frosted donuts and rainbow sprinkles. Both prints come in our classic 100% Pima cotton snap and zipper footies, as well as a reversible velour version that gives you the option to switch up your baby’s look from lightweight to cozy. All three footies can be matched with our sprinkles beanie to keep your baby’s head warm all night. Pair both items together with our donut print double layer blanket for the perfect shower gift. Not only will they slumber in the snuggliest cuddliest fabric ever, but all items are completely hypoallergenic, so forget about any breakouts or allergies. For older sleepyheads, our classic Baby Noomie pajamas will also be available as part of the collection. Princesses this age can also enjoy our super soft long sleeve Pima Cotton dresses with little ruffles on the bottom for girly girls who love to twirl.

October 28, 2019 — Baby Noomie Staff