We are becoming the queens or taking something old & making it NEW! Letter beads have been so trendy in 2020, so we have taken the trend and turned it into a DIY craft with things you probably already have at home!

Andrea, a cofounder of Noomie, did this activity with her girls & they loved it! Not only did it take plenty of time (LOL) but it kept them calm and focused on something that they were designing for themselves. This is a great opportunity to improve fine motor skills & practice letter recognitions. If your kids are old enough, you can let them help glue the beads carefully to the sunglasses.

All you need:

  • An old pair of glasses
  • Letter beads, shape beads, rhinestones, whatever you have!
  • Hot glue gun, or super glue (use with caution)

What to do:

  • Pick out all of the beads or gems you’ll use
  • Glue them carefully to the frame of the glasses
  • Let dry/cool
  • Let your little ones rock them & post a picture in their new shades!

This activity pairs perfectly with our new SHADES collection, come take a look!

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April 07, 2020 — Baby Noomie Staff