If you’ve been on quarantine for the past week or so, you might have realized by now how hard it is to find time for yourself, let alone for your significant other. Our minds are constantly preparing for the next activity to keep our kids entertained or busy thinking when will this end.

Unfortunately, it is all very uncertain, so we need to work with what we have. We might not ever master sticking to a schedule with our kids during this time, and that’s okay, but we should try to master one with our partner. Designate a night in the week for a special dinner, if you have an outdoor space, maybe use that space to create a different ambiance. Put a movie on for the kids and wait till after bedtime.

Take out the wine, and why not, the candles! Just switching it up from your regular dining room to a different area will make this experience a bit different than your ordinary quarantine. If you don’t have the outdoor space, use the one you have and simply add some DIY decorations. Enjoy your date night in, spend some quality time with your partner, and stay safe!

April 02, 2020 — Baby Noomie Staff